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“Woven Welcome” Adorns Golda Meir House Lobby

Residents and staff worked collaboratively to create beautiful work of art

Posted: July 18, 2016

Artist and Art Therapist, Tova Speter, was commissioned through a National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) grant to engage residents of JCHE’s Golda Meir House in Newton in the creation of a distinctive art installation to hang prominently in the front lobby. Ms. Speter offers these reflections on the project:

“It was an honor to work with this community to design a project reflective of the residents' interests. We took our inspiration from the colors of spring and the vibrancy of this community. Residents brainstormed ideas during a community event and expressed interest in creating art that is colorful, welcoming, peaceful, balanced, bright and happy. As with all JCHE events, the project included a diverse group of residents, including English, Chinese, and Russian speaking cultures – and it was very heartwarming to see them find a common language through art and the natural beauty of spring.

After engaging with various materials, the project took shape with the goal of creating a unified structure focused on the colorful inspiration and memories participants had with regard to flowers and springtime. Artwork was first created individually, then in pairs, and finally, all woven together into a unified presentation. I feel the end product is entirely reflective of the values of this community. Each participant contributed a piece that is unique and plays an important role in the overall tapestry.

Thank you for trusting me to design a project that could move with the community's interests. Most partners want to know exactly what a project is before it begins, what it will look like, etc. Your willingness to allow the process to play itself out organically was refreshing and most appreciated. I felt you truly considered the residents first with a sincere respect for the artwork as well as the creative process.”

The Process:

tl_files/2016/Golda Mural/Golda Mural 3.jpg tl_files/2016/Golda Mural/Golda Mural 6.jpg tl_files/2016/Golda Mural/Golda Mural 7.jpg

tl_files/2016/Golda Mural/Golda Mural 1.jpg tl_files/2016/Golda Mural/Golda Mural 2.jpg tl_files/2016/Golda Mural/Golda Mural 4.jpg tl_files/2016/Golda Mural/Golda Mural 5.jpg

tl_files/2016/Golda Mural/Golda Mural 8.jpg tl_files/2016/Golda Mural/Golda Mural 11.jpg tl_files/2016/Golda Mural/Golda Mural 12.jpg

The Dedication:

tl_files/2016/Golda Mural/Golda Mural 14.jpg tl_files/2016/Golda Mural/Golda Mural 15.jpg

tl_files/2016/Golda Mural/Golda Mural 16.jpg tl_files/2016/Golda Mural/Golda Mural 22.jpg

The Finished Product:

tl_files/2016/Golda Mural/Golda Mural 19.jpg tl_files/2016/Golda Mural/Golda Mural 26.jpg

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