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What makes an apartment building a “community?”

Posted: January 4, 2013

Whenever I tour a prospective resident around Shillman House, one of the six independent living properties owned by JCHE, I always make a point that they are in a community, not an apartment building.  That opens the door for them to ask, “what’s the difference?” 

As I explain it, an apartment building is a place where you go to your apartment, close the door, and that’s it.  You have a roof over your head. There are no opportunities for social engagement offered and limited ability to interact with other people who live there.  A JCHE community, on the other hand, has many different ways in which people can engage with one another.  Just imagine that in one day you could leave your apartment at 9am and have the following things to do with other residents:  fitness class from 10 to 11; volunteering in the convenience store from 12 to 1; attending a current events discussion group from 1:30 to 2:30; a van trip to the market from 3 to 4; and a concert from 7:30 to 8:30, followed by a well-deserved night of sleep!   And the next day you could be in a computer class, a watercolor class, the library, or the fitness center as the day progressed, after which you’d keep your appointment in the on-site beauty salon and play bridge after supper!  Oh yes, followed by another good night’s sleep! And if you live at either Shillman House or Golda Meir you may have a lovely meal in the dining room prepared by our on-site dining staff.  Sure beats cooking!

The opportunity to make new friends, try out new things, and participate in stimulating events with others makes independent living JCHE-style special.  You are joining a community and while you won’t be surrounded by cute houses with picket fences, you will have neighbors and friends with whom you will make a long-lasting bond. Residents really do care for each other.

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