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Welcome home!

Posted: May 12, 2014

There are great changes taking place inside Ulin House. Renovations are now complete on the tenth floor, where residents are enjoying freshly painted and newly carpeted apartments with sparkling working kitchens and bathrooms with walk-in bathtubs.

This is the new look of Ulin House! 

This 239-unit building, which opened in 1971, is undergoing a head-to-toe renovation. In upcoming months, each floor will look as attractive as the tenth and every Ulin resident will be comfortably situated in his/her new apartment.

Amy Thompson has already made the move. She's thrilled with the new space. It is a pleasing reminder of a townhouse where she once lived and "that makes me feel like I can live forever!"

Keeping our residents as comfortable as possible during the renovation is the top priority. JCHE’s Relocation Team, led by Adam Freed, has carefully orchestrated a seamless process. The entire move happens in just one day, with a full crew of helpers including experienced movers who pack and unpack all of the residents' belongings. The floor-by-floor renovation process will continue until every resident is fully situated.

No doubt, many will echo Amy's enthusiasm: "I never want to move out!" 

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