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The Power of a Good Storm

Posted: February 13, 2013

At Shillman House we see storms, like super storm Sandy, Hurricane Irene or little Nemo as an exercise in community building.  The residents come downstairs with their board games, movies, snacks and books to weather the storm together and to enjoy each other’s company.  In preparing for this most recent blizzard, I was speaking with the daughter of a resident, who happened to be staying over at Shillman helping her mom transition home from being in post-hospital rehab.  Should I take her to my home, she said?  No,the resident said, we should both stay here, it will be fun!

The residents here have weathered being without power, under almost three feet of snow and ice storms.  Even though some of them have known each other for just a little over a year, I have found that in addition to bonding over moving – having a major life event – like a big storm, has really helped to solidify relationships and increase everyone’s sense of community. 

As recently as this morning, a resident exclaimed in the middle of a meeting “I am so glad I never have to shovel again!” 

Jennifer Miller, Resident Service Coordinator, Shillman House
February 13, 2013

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