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The language of art is the common denominator

Posted: August 21, 2013

Ceramicist Irina Khechinashvili

There was no need to stop by the MFA today! The Ulin House dining room was transformed into a bustling gallery of work by JCHE residents who participate in the art classes and use the art studio. There was a wonderful array of prints, oils, charcoals and ceramics - the work of ten different artists. The artists are as diverse as their projects in terms of origin and artistic expertise. But the language of art is the common denominator.

A sweet story to share: one of the artists, Irina Khechinashvili, is a gifted and award-winning ceramicist who has continued her work at JCHE. Another resident, Eduard Khachatryan, was inspired to learn her craft. For the past two years, Inina has worked closely with him. While Eduard chooses his subjects -- an Armenian church, pomegranate, detailed vase  and more -- Irina has served as his guide. The work of both teacher and student -- and of all the talented JCHE artists is stunning!

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Comment by Sara Hamlen | 10/25/2015

wonderful to see the arts thriving at JCHE. Do you offer watercolor classes or drawing classes?