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The CORE of Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly

Posted: February 1, 2013

Just about a year ago, JCHE launched the results of our reorganization and culture change process, a participatory exercise that engaged all of our staff in defining what we needed to do to make JCHE the best workplace possible and lay a strong foundation for growth.  Of course, any effort like this is built on the philosophy that the stronger we are as an organization, the more we can do to further our mission and serve our tenants. The reorganization itself made a few strategic and key changes in our organizational chart, but mostly the process resulted in a series of principles and initiatives about how to work better. 

2012, then, has been a year of change, punctuated by efforts to increase collaboration and transparency in all of our work.  The headline for this work has been CORECreating an Open and Respectful Environment.  CORE has been promoted through a staff-led committee that is running a series of projects.  These projects increase staff understanding of one another and foster team-building in a number of very creative ways.  Another staff-led committee is also furthering collaboration and transparency by reviewing how we align our compensation and job performance measures to maximize our limited resources.

I’d like to detail these projects for you, and hopefully I can in future blog posts.  For today, though, I’d like to call out the work of my JCHE colleagues.  Culture change is hard work, and the changes we are making at JCHE are happening because of the hours that my colleagues are pouring in outside of their daily responsibilities to make it happen.  I am continually energized by the time and thinking that people put into this effort, and I can’t wait for the things we’ll do in 2013 together.

Jessica Boatright, JCHE's Chief of Staff
February 1, 2013 

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