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Grand Reveal: Shillman House Unveils "Past, Present, and Future" Mural

Posted: May 17, 2017

Capping off months of hard work and preparation by residents and local students, this week, we unveiled a spectacular intergenerational mural at our Shillman House in Framingham!

Throughout this academic year, Shillman residents met with a group of students from the MetroWest Jewish Day School, and local mural artist, Tova Speter, to conceive, plan and execute a triptych themed: “past, present and future”.

The three-paneled intergenerational mural reflects the very best of our Generations Together program, reinforcing how our two communities work together to form wonderful relationships and memories, while creating original artwork.  

One resident involved in the project described how the months-long process crystalized for residents and students alike the art of teamwork, including the importance of being patient, cooperative and non-judgmental.

Artist Tovah Speter played a slide show depicting the project's many stages, from the initial brainstorming sessions to the mural's themes taking form. 

As you can see from the pictures, each panel has its own unique color scheme corresponding to either "present", "past", or "future". Just as different colors compliment each other (e.g. purple compliments yellow), the artistic creativity of the older generation compliments that of the younger generation, the two generation's essence shining through their art.  

tl_files/images/Mural2.jpg tl_files/images/Mural1.jpg

tl_files/images/Mural3.jpg tl_files/images/Mural4.jpg

tl_files/images/Mural5.jpg tl_files/images/Mural6.jpg

tl_files/images/Mural7.jpg tl_files/images/Mural9.jpg

tl_files/images/Mural8.jpg tl_files/images/Mural10.jpg

tl_files/images/Mural11.jpg tl_files/images/Mural13.jpg






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