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Shillman residents and MWJDS students team up to explore tzedakah

Posted: February 6, 2014

Shillman residents are partnering with students from Metrowest Jewish Day School to engage in tzedakah in a very thoughtful way.

Tzedakah is a core Jewish value that refers to the obligation we all have to do charitable acts. The residents and students have collected funds: instead of buying snacks for their gatherings, they are pooling their resources for social good. Together, this intergenerational group will make an informed decision about where to direct their contribution.

There are many agencies in MetroWest worthy of a donation, and the seniors and students are doing their homework. They have invited five agencies to present their mission and explain how philanthropic dollars would support their work.

The residents and students will soon meet with staff from the Sudbury-based Buddy Dog Humane Society. In preparation, the group spent an afternoon making doggie treats! While they have chosen to forgo snacks this year, they caringly (and charitably) decided that the dogs helped by Buddy Dog were deserving of homemade goodies!  


Photo: Shillman House resident Rhoda Factor is surrounded by her MWJDS friends.

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