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Senator Karen Spilka visits Shillman House

Posted: November 29, 2012

Senator Spilka took a full tour of Shillman House yesterday. As Amy Schectman showed her building, the Senator was elated to meet residents and see the beautiful amenities of a building she had advocated for during its development.

As the Senator toured the facility, it was a special opportunity to shake hands with residents throughout the building. She shook Larry Berch's hand as he read a novel in the library. Fredi Lourie and her friends were enjoying cards in the intimate card room when Senator Spilka stopped in to say hi. Everyone one around the card table was eager to let her know how grateful they are for the work she did to make Shillman a reality. "We are like one big family here."

Ginny Hatch invited the Senator into her apartment to see the details up close and personal. Ginny raved about the generous closets, the convenient shower and the kitchen that is more complete than the one in her former home. As she rattled off the exercise options she enjoys at Shillman -- yoga, Chi Gong and Arthritis-targeted exercise -- she said she was enjoying feeling healthy.

As she prepared to say good-bye, Senator Spilka was invited to return for dinner in the near future. Her many new friends at Shillman look forward to it!

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