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Our Event Co-Chairs Extraordinaire

Posted: April 23, 2014

Succesful events begin with exceptional co-chairs, and we are so pleased to introduce the exceptional co-chairs of JCHE Spring Celebration 2014, Debbie Jacobs and Stacey Nevins. These compassionate and generous women are working tirelessly to ensure that this event is a fantastic success.

Debbie Jacobs' interest in elder care was fueled while earning her Master's in Social Work (MSW). For her second year placement, she ran groups and counseled individuals at JCHE's Golda Meir House. Her experience exceeded her expectations. "I was definitely welcomed as a member of the staff." She was drawn to the residents' stories and wealth of knowledge, as well as the insights she derived about the challenges of the aging process. Debbie's career path when she received her degree. She currently manages a family-owned business. However, she never lost the personal connection to JCHE and welcomes the opportunity to have a leadership role for JCHE Spring Celebrations 2014 to support the agency's mission.

Stacey Nevins was introduced to JCHE when her sons were young. She and her boys regularly attended the JOY Shabbat program that brings families together with young children together with JCHE residents. With their grandparents miles away, Stacey's sons looked forward to the warmth and attention that the residents offered. The experience was so positive that Stacey decided to take on leadership roles to support JCHE's fund development. As an only child, Stacey is always thinking about her parents' future housing needs. She is drawn to JCHE's engaging community, wide-ranging services and caring staff. "I want the best for my parents and everyone's parents -- and that's what JCHE offers."

Debbie and Stacey consider it an honor to chair this event. Debbie appreciates working closely with a deeply talented committee. Stacey feels "blessed to be among people who share my concerns about the dignity and independence of seniors."

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