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"My Girl"

Posted: April 2, 2013

Being a fairly patient person, I am not at all patient by the use of the language “my girl,” to describe homemakers working at Coleman House.

Our homemakers all have names.  They are intelligent women and men with good values and a respected career.  To say “my girl,” rather than to say their proper name is demeaning and inappropriate.  Would our tenants call an electrician who might work in their home, “my boy?” Would they call an attorney who might do legal work for them, “my boy,” or “my girl?”  Would they call the taxi driver who takes them to a medical appointment, “my boy?” Would they call the doctor who examines them “my girl,” or “my boy?” The answer is no.  For whatever reason, calling a homemaker “my girl,” seems all too common and it must change.

How would we manage if we didn’t have the kind, honest, hardworking, homemakers of the world?  The homemakers of the world deserve to be respected, honored, and called by their given name. They also need to have decent pay and good benefits.

Let’s all please remember to remind our residents to honor the dignity of our homemakers. Let’s all please remind our tenants how fortunate they are to have kind and professional homemakers to help them with their needs.

Let’s all remember to tell our homemakers how much they are appreciated and valued. Just as we honor volunteers and others with parties and celebrations, we should all make it our business to have a party to honor our homemakers every year. They are a blessing to our residents and their families.

Elizabeth Reiss is a Resident Services Coordinator at Coleman House, a JCHE community.





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