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“Music keeps me going”

Posted: November 17, 2011

Recently residents of Golda Meir House were hard at work, writing new lyrics to the classic Broadway song – There’s No Business like Show Business. Through a grant from Ernie Boch Jr.’s Music Drives Us Foundation, JCHE has created a new and stimulating music program. This unique class, led by music therapist Wendy Krueger, is held weekly at Golda, Coleman and Shillman over two 14-week periods.

The average age at Golda is 84, and many challenges of aging are evident, including impaired vision, mobility and cognition. Yet, during the weekly music session, walkers are pushed aside, daily ailments are forgotten, and residents sing, dance, drum, and laugh together with a renewed sense of vigor and energy. 

At this last session, one resident remarked, “I wasn't going to come down, but then I said to myself, 'hey, I don't want to miss out!’" Another succinctly stated that when she attends the session, “all the bad things melt away.

In upcoming weeks, all the music program songs written at each of the three participating JCHE sites will be compiled on a CD, and each participant will receive a copy. Below are the lyrics written to describe how residents feel about their life at Golda - sung to the tune of There’s No Business like Show Business.


Aging with Sunshine and Happiness

There's no age like this age-it's the only age we have!
We sing and dance, the sun is shining brightly!
Happiness it makes us feel alive!
We have our special entertainment nightly-
We feel so sprightly 'till nine o five.

There's no time like this time,
The only time is now,
Get up each morning, make the most of your life,
get involved each day without any strife,
music, laughter, artistry are such delights,
Let's all take a big bow!

There's no day like this day-just one day at a time.
With all the friendships we have made at Golda,
With all our canes and walkers we'll get by!
It doesn't matter that we're getting oldah,
So here's my shouldah and do not cry....


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