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Sheriff's Office Stops by Golda to Educate Seniors on Scam Prevention

Posted: December 7, 2016

While none of us are immune to scams, older adults tend to be more vulnerable—especially seniors with memory loss. And so in the spirit of our tireless commitment to improving the wellbeing of our seniors, we invited the Middlesex Sheriff's Office Community Affairs team to give a presentation on scam prevention to our Golda Meir House residents. 

It was an extremely informative presentation, and our residents were engaged throughout. The officer gave examples of the most common scams, identified the major warning signs, and even played recordings of real scams. 

Residents were stunned to learn that many scams originate from criminals identifying their children and grandchildren on social media. For example, if a resident's son wrote about a trip to London on Facebook, the caller might say, "your son is in London and was robbed. He needs money to get home..."


When discussing the pervasive IRS phone scams, the officer emphasized that no government agency will call you and ask for personal information.

The residents then shared stories about being targeted by scammers. Almost everyone recalled they frequently get suspicious phone calls ostensibly from a government agency or a utility company, and that they don't know how to handle the situation. The officer stressed that if you believe you're getting scammed, it's ok to hang up and call the Sheriff's Office, the police department, or simply inform a staff member.

Residents and staff were thrilled with the thorough and informative lesson, and we thank the Middlesex Sheriff's Office for providing such a valuable community service to our seniors!  

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