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Middlesex Bank supports JCHE fitness program

Posted: April 9, 2013

Francine Godfrey, JCHE's Director of Fitness, and Mike Kuza, Community Relations Officer, Middlesex Savings Bank

We were delighted last week to host Michael Kuza, Community Relations Officer at Middlesex Savings Bank, at Shillman House. Middlesex is partnering with JCHE to offer the fitness and wellness program, and we wanted to update him on this innovative and far-reaching program.

While visiting Shillman House, Mike had the opportunity to get a flavor of the expansiveness of the program. A balance class was in progress to assist those residents who are most at risk of falling. The room was filled with colorful props that help participants navigate around simple obstacles and experiment with new techniques for improved posture and movement.

Leah, a Shillman resident, described her exceptional experience with the fitness program. She had long suffered from chronic back pain. Rather than rely on medications or surgery to offer relief, Leah participated in a fitness plan that was customized and led by Francine Godfrey, JCHE's Director of Fitness and Wellness. The outcome is fabulous: Leah has been pain-free!

As the visit was ending, another resident arrived at the gym with her physical therapist. Her rehab physical therapy work was coming to a close and the practitioner was helping her transition to the fitness center. The accessibility of the Shillman gym will make it possible for this resident to continue her rehabilitation without missing a beat!

We are so grateful to Middlesex Bank for their support of this invaluable program!

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