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Join us in Changing Aging!

Posted: June 2, 2017

Widely considered the foremost authority on aging and eldercare issues, author and performer Dr. Bill Thomas is partnering with JCHE for his 2017 ChangingAging Tour that's coming to our community on June 13!  And you're invited!  

Friends of JCHE are eligible for a 50% discount! That means you'll pay just $10. Visit and use the code JCHE50 at checkout. 

Named “One of America's 10 Best Leaders” by US News and World Report, Dr. Thomas has spearheaded a national movement to challenge the epidemic of loneliness, isolation and depression that impacts older people. The ChangingAging Tour offers a positive message to older and younger people alike, encouraging everyone to view aging as a form of continued growth and learning, rather than a process of decline.  

On June 13, Dr. Bill Thomas will hold two distinct "non-fiction theater" events: the paradigm shifting Disrupt Dementia and Dr. Thomas' signature show, Aging: Life’s Most Dangerous Game. These two unique shows offer a wonderfully positive view of aging, while challenging damaging stereotypes about elders and cognitive change.  

Both events will be held in Chestnut Hill, MA  at the Ellsworth Theater at Pine Manor College

  • Disrupt Dementia (2:30-4:15 PM). A live-theater show exploring living well day-to-day with dementia, featuring musician and humanitarian Samite.  
  • Life's Most Dangerous Game (7:00-8:30 PM). Blending storytelling, live music, myth and medical science, this is Thomas's signature live theatrical exploration of aging as a form of continued growth. 

Tickets and more information are available here: Don't forget to use the code JCHE50 at checkout to receive a 50% discount. 

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