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JCHE Premieres Cycling Without Age

Posted: March 1, 2018

Last October, on a beautiful Autumn afternoon in Brighton, a dozen or so JCHE residents could be seen riding in pedi-cabs, enjoying the outdoors with the wind in their hair. Driven by volunteer cyclists from our partners at the Commonwheels  Bicycle Co-Op, these were the first JCHE residents to test Cycling Without Age, a program we hope to fully launch in the Summer of 2018

A global Danish-based cycling movement that connects volunteer cyclists with older adults for rides in pedi-cabs and tailor-made trishaws, Cycling Without Age helps facilitate rider-passenger connections, while giving older adults with limited mobility the opportunity to get back on their bikes.

The test outing was such a huge hit with our residents that we decided to launch a “crowdfunding” campaign to raise $20,000 to make Cycling Without Age a permanent fixture at JCHE, first at our Brighton campus, and eventually, across all our communities.

The initial funds will allow us to build a storage shed, purchase two trishaws, and provide additional bicycle parking in Brighton.

Commonwheels Bicycle Co-op will provide volunteer bicycle mechanics and drivers, and once the program launches, we will coordinate a team of volunteers to establish regular days and hours for this program.

So far, we have raised $2,000 online, and received a $3,000 grant from the BC Allston-Brighton Community Fund to build the storage shed to house the pedi-cabs. The project has sparked a lot of interest among our young professional volunteers, who have been actively engaged in our online fundraising campaign. To capitalize on their enthusiasm, we are hosting a Cycling Without Age Launch party in late spring to generate more excitement and financial support for the project.

Cycling Without Age will be a fantastic addition to our wide array of programs designed to increase our residents’ wellbeing by giving seniors the opportunity to explore the outdoors in such a fun way, and to socialize with volunteer drivers. Cycling Without Age will also go a long way in our never-ending quest to find new and creative ways to address social isolation and loneliness.

If you’re interested in joining this exciting campaign, please email Nate Vaughan @


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