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JCHE honors 6 new citizens in style!

Posted: June 28, 2012

For most who move to the United States, becoming a citizen is a top priority. It requires patience, diligence and determination. Each year, near July 4th, JCHE's Brighon campus holds a celebration to honor those who have become American citizens over the past 12 months. The event is frought with traditions including certificates, patriotic-colored leis and Independence Day cupcakes. And then there's the music! Every year, the outstanding Klezmer Conservatory Band takes the stage. This year, five talented musicians, under the leadership of Hankus Netsky, played spirited tunes. The joyous sounds prompted everyone to smile and some to spontaneously dance. By the end of the afternoon, an enthusiastic group joined hands to respond most appropriately to the music -- by doing the hora!

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