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JCHE Celebrates Its Volunteers!

Posted: October 1, 2013

A couple dances to music played by the Winiker Band.

Volunteers are a vital part of what makes the JCHE community such a vibrant place to live. On Tuesday, October 1, JCHE thanked these individuals for their generosity at the annual Volunteer Recognition Luncheon on the Brighton campus. About 150 volunteers filled the Ulin House dining room with laughter and smiles as the Winiker Band played music. Most volunteers are tenants who enjoy being involved in the wide range of activities offered. The groups honored included the Choir, Tufts Medical School Program, Knitting Project and Arts and Culture Initiative. One tenant who volunteers for four different groups remarked, “It keeps me out of trouble!”

The festivities began with a few words from Vera Shakhray, Amy Schectman and Gaye Freed, as well as Boston City Councilor Mark Ciommo. Councilor Ciommo represents Allston/Brighton and enjoyed taking some time after his remarks to speak with many of the guests. JCHE staff served a delicious kosher meal beginning with matzo ball soup and ending with a fall favorite- apple crisp with whipped cream! After the meal, guests enjoyed dancing and each volunteer received a blue multipurpose bag decorated with the slogan, “JCHE Appreciates Volunteers” as a token of appreciation.

Kudos to all of the volunteers for enriching JCHE, and thank you to David Seltzer and the dining staff who prepared the delicious meal as well as all of the staff who volunteered to serve lunch! 

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