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It started with a rose plant found in the trash

Posted: July 13, 2011

This beautiful garden at Golda was started by Galina Ivanova (in the foreground)

Growing up in Russia, Galina Ivanova had a garden in the country that she could visit only on weekends. It gave her tremendous satisfaction, but she often wished that she had more time. Once she moved to Golda Meir House, Galina's hands "were itching to start a garden." Galina found a rose plant in the trash. Then she noticed a slender plot of unattended land off to the side of Golda. She replanted the disgarded bush. As it began flowering, Galina kept going. She started the garden solo but "soon attracted gardening friends and now we are a team." They check on the garden each morning and spend time tending it on a daily basis. Not everyone involved has prior experience. For one woman, this is the first garden she has ever planted. The garden is flourishing. It brings much joy to those who come regularly with their gardening gloves on and tools in their hands. It also brings delight to everyone who sees it. Galina reports "We have about 10 people who gather in the garden in the evening at about 8:00 enjoy the peace of the evening." What a lovely image!

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