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30 years..... How time does fly! By Natalie Lichtenstein

Posted: February 3, 2015

30 years …..How time does fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It’s my family’s 30th anniversary too

Because 30 years ago my grandson came to the JCC next door

And got the last space in the day care – there were no more

And here we are 30 years later you see

He’s now 33 and drives up the hill to see his Nana and that‘s me.

I feel so lucky that I can stand here and tell you

That even though I’ve spoken before

They have asked me to speak some more.

And as you can see the one thing that hasn’t changed over time

Is the fact that my thoughts still come out in so-called rhyme.

I’ve been here 7 years and life has been good to me

For I’ve lived my life to the fullest and not wasted time you see

And in those years I’ve seen lots of changes

And made new friends from many who were at first strangers

I’m grateful for the opportunities that exist here at our home

From which I can keep busy and never have to roam.

Yes I keep busy……..

I’m still secretary to the tenant’s council and on the welcoming committee too you see

And “teaching” English to some of our Russian and Asian tenants still is a gift to me

For I have found that to give is better than to receive

The generation program helps me to believe

That our future is in good hands and our community will be okay

For the youth and students we see and volunteer with make me sure I have the right to say

We are helping make our future brighter in every way!

Yes some changes have been made in who are on our staff

But Robin, Vicki, Sasha, Tom, Tino, Francine,Donna, Stacy and Natalie with whom we often laugh

Are now joined by Cindy, Mila, Jessica, Barbara and Anna who are fairly new

And who all make the Coleman House run smoothly ‘cause they all know just what to do.


And let us not forget that if not for our JCHE President Amy Schectman and the JCHE Board of Directors too

Working in such harmony the way they do

We wouldn’t be able to live our lives to the fullest in such an awesome way


I feel privileged to stand here and represent us all and give thanks today

For the opportunity to live and to enjoy our lives every single day

In our safe, beautiful home!!!!


So let’s raise our glasses and toast the Coleman House and the JCHE

And all our friends and neighbors and pray that there will be

Peace in the world for all of us to see.


Good Luck….Muzzletopf….Shalom…….LaChaim…Nostrovia…

                Gan  bei   …………………….     Gon bui

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Comment by Jennie Waldman | 06/16/2015

Go Natalie! I am impressed. Love 'ya

Comment by Candi Derderian | 06/16/2015

Loved the poem AND your wonderful attitude
Looking forward to our visit,