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JCHE Love Stories Sure to Inspire Your Valentine's Day!

Posted: February 14, 2018

Brighton residents Arlene and Seymour

There are as many love stories at JCHE as there are residents. We reached out and captured three of those 1,500 stories --Arlene & Seymour, David & Susanna, and Eleanor & Stanley. We hope their love stories will inspire your Valentine's Day.

Arlene & Seymour 

Married for 51 years, Arlene and Seymour, who now reside at our Brighton Campus, met while working for different companies that happened to be in the same building in downtown Boston.

“I know the exact date Seymour first told me he loved me. It was November 9, 1965. I know because it was on the date of the Great Northeast Blackout of 1965.”

“We never fight,” Arlene confesses, something she attributes in part to their very different, but complimentary personalities. “I am a pessimist, and he’s a total optimist. And that works for us!”

“It also helps that he’s such a good person with a great sense of humor!”     

David & Susanna 



“I admit I was never particularly smooth with women,” confesses David, his wife of 63 years, Susanna, sitting by his side in their Golda Meir House apartment. “But when I first saw her, I felt completely comfortable approaching her. Best of all, I found talking to her incredibly easy. So I asked her to go to a dance with me that same night.”

David and Susanna met in college, and today, over a half century later, they are regularly seen holding hands walking around the Golda Meir campus, where they’ve lived for 10 years.

“What drew me most to him was how cheerful he always was. He was also so well-read, and really interesting to be around,” explains Susanna.

When we asked about the secret to their marriage, David replied, “I cannot explain it logically, but if I hadn’t met Susanna, yes, I probably would have married someone else. But I know that without her, I would have never been truly happy.” 

For this Valentine’s Day story, David and Susanna wanted to share another love in their lives: “We love it here at Golda, and we adore the staff and the construction crew!”  

Eleanor & Stanley 


For Shillman House resident Eleanor, Valentine’s Day has a special place in her heart.  

“Stanley proposed to me on Valentine’s Day,” Eleanor recalls fondly.

Her husband of 49 years, Stanley passed away in 1997. “What I miss most about him is how good he was to me,” says Eleanor.

“Stanley was a Bruins season ticket holder. For our first date, he asked me to go to a game with him. He asked if I liked hockey. I barely knew what hockey was, but of course I told him ‘I love hockey!’

Five minutes into the game, Stanley realized Eleanor wasn’t exactly the hockey aficionado she sold herself as. He was charmed, and the rest, as they say, is history.   

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