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Coleman House Hosts Annual Art Show

Posted: December 9, 2013

Last week’s Coleman House Art Show featured a stunning array of visual works from a group of talented residents. This annual event is a special opportunity to spotlight the work of those attending weekly art classes with instructor Edie Green. While some art class participants are experienced artists, others picked up their first paintbrushes once they moved to Coleman House. The class, with wonderful guidance from Edie, gives them a chance to develop a new talent.

Styles and subjects ranged from striking painted scenes of beautiful landscapes to an abstract collage depicting societal struggles. The highlight of the show was a collaborative work of art: a beautiful, large collage in the style of a quilt, composed of 110 squares made of paper. Residents and staff created individual squares, which are part of a larger design created by Edie and resident Valeriya Bondar. The collage, a beautiful expression of the vibrant and active community at JCHE, will be installed prominently in the Coleman House multipurpose room.

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