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Celebrating Purim 2016 in Style

Hamantashen, Dancing, Skits and Noisemakers Galore!

Posted: March 28, 2016

JCHE residents tell us one of the things they like best about living at our facilities is that “there’s always something to do.” This was certainly true for Purim, which was celebrated this year at all JCHE sites on March 23-24.

Purim is a Jewish holiday that commemorates the saving of the Jewish people from Haman, who, according to the Book of Esther, was planning to kill all the Jews in the ancient Persian Empire. It is one of the most joyous and fun holidays on the Jewish calendar, and JCHE residents did not miss the opportunity to celebrate.

Baking Hamantashen

First was the baking of hamantashen, the traditional Purim treat. Residents at Golda Meir House in Newton prepared the traditional Purim treat with the help of kitchen staff. “The kitchen was full of laughter and the whole building smelled delicious,” says resident services coordinator Blaire Smith.

tl_files/2016/Purim 2016/Golda Hamantashen 1.jpgtl_files/2016/Purim 2016/Golda Hamantashen 2.jpgtl_files/2016/Purim 2016/Golda Hamantashen 3.jpg

Not to be outdone, Brighton residents also enjoyed baking hamantashen, with the help of resident services coordinator Sarah Green Vaswani. “Everyone laughed and got covered in flour. It was a great time,” says resident services coordinator Eugenia Belozersky.

tl_files/2016/Purim 2016/Brighton Hamantashen.jpgtl_files/2016/Purim 2016/Brighton Hamantashen 4.jpgtl_files/2016/Purim 2016/Brighton Hamantashen 3.jpg

tl_files/2016/Purim 2016/Brighton Hamantashen 6.jpgtl_files/2016/Purim 2016/Brighton Hamantashen 2.jpg

Let the Celebration Begin!

Residents at all JCHE sites enjoyed a fun and joyful dinner to celebrate Purim.

In Brighton, the Zaichik Brothers performed for an amazing 28th year in a row, while residents danced, clapped and stomped. JCHE CEO Amy Schectman led the telling of the Purim story with help from JCHE staff members and audience participation. Residents even enjoyed an impromptu performance of "What a Wonderful World" from the son of one of the residents who was visiting his mom at the party.

tl_files/2016/Purim 2016/Brighton purim4.jpgtl_files/2016/Purim 2016/Brighton purim5.jpg

tl_files/2016/Purim 2016/Brighton purim1.jpgtl_files/2016/Purim 2016/Brighton purim6.jpg

At Coleman House in Newton, JCHE staff and residents performed a Purim skit in the style of a Dr. Suess rhyme, while residents twirled their groggers, banged their feet and clapped thunderously each time Haman's name was spoken.

tl_files/2016/Purim 2016/Coleman Purim 3.jpgtl_files/2016/Purim 2016/Coleman Purim 4.jpg

tl_files/2016/Purim 2016/Coleman Purim 1.jpgtl_files/2016/Purim 2016/Coleman Purim 2.jpg

Staff at Golda Meir House also performed a Dr. Suess-inspired skit, to the delight of the residents.

tl_files/2016/Purim 2016/Golda Purim.jpgtl_files/2016/Purim 2016/Golda Purim 3.jpgtl_files/2016/Purim 2016/Golda Purim 4.jpg

And at Shillman House in Framingham, after one of the residents who was a baker showed everyone how to make a proper old fashioned hamantaschen, Rabbi Yakov Lazaros came by to read the megillah from a scroll that is over 100 years old. What a great way to end a great day at JCHE!

tl_files/2016/Purim 2016/Shillman Purim.JPGtl_files/2016/Purim 2016/Shillman Purim 4.jpgtl_files/2016/Purim 2016/Shillman Purim 2.JPG

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