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Breaking New Ground This Summer

Posted: May 15, 2017

We recently published the second issue of Thriving in Community, JCHE's newsletter featuring timely stories and information. One of the stories is reproduced below. 

To help meet the growing demand for affordable senior housing in Massachusetts, JCHE will add 61 new units of affordable housing at 132 Chestnut Hill Avenue in Brighton.

The new 61-unit building—which will be connected by a bridge to our existing 700-unit Brighton campus allowing residents to take advantage of all services and programs we offer there—will give us a new “front door” onto the well-travelled, pedestrian-friendly Chestnut Hill Avenue. The new addition will welcome neighbors and area seniors with 3,000 square feet of new retail and commercial space. This is a major step in advancing JCHE’s vision for senior housing that serves as a “village center” for its residents and surrounding community.

Perhaps the most exciting and unique aspect of this project is a special five-unit suite housing adults aging with life-long developmental disabilities. Because of medical advances, these older adults have much longer life expectancies. Unfortunately, specialized housing construction has not kept up with the demand resulting from their longevity. By creating this five-unit suite, we will pioneer a new model for housing this specific population. We will partner with Jewish Families and Community Services (JF&CS) to support these older adults.

The population of homeless seniors is also on the rise, and we will set aside seven units to accommodate these underserved seniors. HEARTH, Inc., a Boston-based nonprofit which works specifically with homeless seniors, will provide specialized stabilization and placement services for these new residents.


132 Chestnut Hill Avenue today. 

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