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At JCHE, making crafts ... and connections!

Posted: February 4, 2013

On two consecutive Tuesdays in January, local artisan Ilana Klarman came to Brighton to lead crafts workshops with our tenants.  These events were well attended and resulted in happy people, proud of their beautiful handmade books and tile trivets, all made from recycled materials.  

The story of how they came about is equally exciting since it's a story of how JCHE's connections build goodwill and get results.  Boston Bridge is an organization set up to provide opportunities for professional development, exploration, networking, and mentorship to emerging professionals in the field of aging, and was started by our own former Director of Intergenerational Programs, Barbara Friedman.  Several months ago, Amy spoke about JCHE's programs and activities at one of their meetings and member Ilana Klarman was so impressed by her talk that she became interested in JCHE and attended our annual event, which so excited her that she made herself available to us for crafts programs.  She loved our community and would love to come back when her schedule allows.  Amazing how the JCHE community grows!

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