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Acts of Love Across JCHE

Posted: February 14, 2017

Valentine’s Day at JCHE was all about universal lovingkindness—one of our core Jewish values. And so in the spirit of the holiday, we celebrated “Acts of Love” across our campuses.    

At Golda, JCHE's Fitness & Wellness Specialist Danielle led residents in making a collage to raise awareness about her passion: childhood obesity.

Residents also made dog biscuits for an animal shelter to raise awareness about animal cruelty. And another group of residents made cards for Golda residents who are currently hospitalized or in rehab.

Meanwhile, Coleman House residents put together care packages for Project M.O.T--a group that sends care packages to deployed Jewish American troops and veterans. Residents wrote thank you notes to be included with each care package. 

At our Brighton Campus, residents decorated beautiful potted plants for seniors living at Brighton House Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center.

Everyone who participated in “Acts of Love” received a red heart pin to show solidarity with residents across our four campuses who performed these charitable acts. 

It was truly a heartwarming and empowering Valentine's Day!








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