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A Resident's Beautiful Tribute to JCHE

Posted: August 21, 2017

Our residents’ talents and creativity never cease to amaze us.  

After watching this video about our community, JCHE resident Harris Risman was inspired to compose these wonderful limericks. Enjoy! 


Until August 2009---

Since the Boston high rents are a sin,

I lived out in the boondocks in Lynn,

But at JCHE,

It's Dayenu for me.

As a subsidized tenant I win.


With amenities such as a gym,

Grateful tenants are happy, not grim,

And the maintenance crew

Gives such service to you,

In a sea of contentment you swim.


As explained by this home's CEO,

This place helps seniors banish the woe

Of living alone

To grumble and moan.

So to donors she says, "Make it so!"


Thank you Harris for sharing your poetry with us! And please keep writing!  

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