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A daughter stays connected to JCHE

Posted: March 4, 2011

During the seven years that Gussie Markin lived at Golda Meir House, her daughter Esta found many opportunities to volunteer in the building.  Esta served meals for Passover Seders and Thanksgiving dinners.  She was a guest reader at the short story hour.  She even stepped in as a substitute when the Golda Melodiers needed an additional performer.  (Her  favorite role was joining the Can-Can line!)

Gussie died at age 90 in 2002, but that did not end Esta's strong connection to JCHE.  Just last week, she did a short story reading.  Here's how Esta described the experience:

"My audiences at book reviews and short story readings always give me their intelligent attention.  They ask probing questions at the end, and  debate one another's observations in a lively and satisfying way.  I thoroughly enjoy doing these readings for such a warmly supportive group of interesting and interested people.  Their long lives and vast experience give them perspective on the literature that always teaches me something.  I come away not only feeling happy to have shared some of my knowledge and insights, but also to have received so much in return."

Thank you Esta Markin for your wonderful contributions to JCHE's community throughout the years!!

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