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Genesis House's new computer lab will open soon

Posted: February 8, 2011

The buzz is beginning about JCHE's soon-to-open computer lab.  The center, with its new computers, scanners and printers, will be located in the new program center in Genesis House, on the Brighton campus. 

Tamara Litvin, the computer educator for the three JCHE sites, has been with the organization for five years, teaching both individual and group lessons to residents eager for computer skills.  She teaches beginner computer proficiency classes to residents.  Classes are taught in English, Russian and Chinese. For more advanced users, the lab is open five days a week during Open Access hours. To Tamara’s delight, she often finds the “regulars” of the computer lab waiting eagerly for the start of Open Access hours.

Computer proficiency is a growing trend around JCHE as residents seek to stay in touch with family and friends via the World Wide Web. With contacts in countries all over the world, residents can use the computers to send and receive photos, exchange emails, and stay up-to-date with current events.  Tamara admits that it’s hard to understand hotmail in Chinese, but she points to the cross-cultural connections as a learning experience for both her and the residents.  She is proud of the accomplishments of her computer students, and loves to see the alacrity with which residents keep pace with an increasingly viral society. 

The computer center is an integral place for socializing here at JCHE.  The lab offers an opportunity for residents to share stories about grandchildren, sons and daughters, and new occasions for celebration. They read newspapers in native languages to stay current on world happenings, as well as play games in an interactive setting.  All these experiences enrich the lives of JCHE residents and spell out a recipe for successful aging.  


Tamara admires JCHE residents who have taken the time to learn the complex world of computers.  This is an area often considered too difficult for older adults to understand.  She is thrilled that so many have become engaged in the technological world.  “If it’s your passion, you hope it’s contagious,” she says, “Computers are my passion.”  Here at JCHE, it’s reassuring to know that Tamara’s passion is spreading like wildfire and that those who live in JCHE’s Brighton buildings will have a wonderful new place to enjoy that passion!


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