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Rising to the challenge

Posted: November 24, 2010

Everyone measures success and adversity differently.  For Selma Showstack, who lives at Coleman House, adversity was any stair or curb.  After a fall trying to step up a curb, Selma no longer had the confidence to attempt stairs or a curb.  After a group exercise class, she spoke with Stacy Khalil, JCHE Fitness Associate, about how this misstep had become a mental block.

Agreeing to work with Stacy one-on-one after group classes, Selma would step up and down from the treadmill.  At first, she used both her cane and one of the support arms on the treadmill to steady herself, but after a week of these exercises, Selma no longer needed to hold onto the arm.  For Selma, this was a huge success, and for Stacy, the smile on Selma’s face was unforgettable.

Selma continues to work with Stacy, as well as Francine Godfrey, the Director of Fitness/Wellness Programs, two to three times a week, raising both confidence and physical strength.  Now she knows that a curb or a flight of stairs won’t stop her.

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