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Year of the Snake

Posted: February 5, 2013

Beginning February 10, we will be in the Year of the Snake.  Now that I work at Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly, the animals of the Chinese zodiac no longer seem just entertaining text on the placemats of restaurants. 

Last week I had the honor of celebrating the upcoming new year with the Chinese Tenants of Brighton.  I learned that the snake is the sixth of the 12 animal signs—ancient Chinese wisdom says a snake in the house is a good omen.  Good omen or not, I do not wish to see any snakes in our housing—and I know our maintenance team does such a good job keeping things in ship shape that I don’t really worry.

According to various internet sources, the 2013 year of the snake is meant for “steady progress and attention to detail.  Focus and discipline will be necessary to achieve what you set out to create.”  This seems well suited to our tasks ahead—2013 will be the year of the strategic plan for JCHE.  As we consider how to build upon our considerable strengths and accomplishments and work-to-date, we will focus our thoughts on becoming what we ideally want to become—we will not shy away from big thoughts and bold ideas, but we will consider them in the context of realism and capacity.

Part of the process will include reaching out to hear what others think of our work.  Want to be among the first to advise us?  Post a comment and we’ll bring it into our strategic discussions!

Amy Schectman, JCHE CEO
February 5, 2013



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