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White House Countdown

Posted: August 27, 2012

A heady week—an invitation to lead a panel on senior housing at the White House!  This is surely a very visible recognition of JCHE as a site demonstrating best practices in the industry.  The timing makes sense:

  • We are finally seeing a lot of buzz around the aging of the U.S. population and the recognition of the need to plan as a society for this demographic bulge.
  • With the passage of the Affordable Care Act and the basic decision that all Americans should have health insurance, we now are turning to ways to cut health care costs.  Avoiding unnecessary nursing home placements is a HUGE way—a notable achievement of senior supportive housing—and it allows people to live in a setting they prefer.
  • We are in the heart of election season—the people at the highest levels of the Administration are bombarded daily with criticisms and attacks on their basic competence and values.  What a nice time to let them see the positive human element of government action—and we take each government dollar and stretch it by adding philanthropic dollars to the pot.

Between now and October 3, I will be working hard to craft the appropriate message.  It’s an amazing opportunity to know that JCHE’s approach will be heard at the highest levels of government—we know a big take-away we want to communicate is that the senior years can be filled with growth and development and personal fulfillment, if we can provide environments to foster this flourishing (we take care of basics, you pursue goals). 

The most surprising thing so far in my preparations?  More people have asked me what I will wear than what I will say!!!!  Suggestions?

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