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The Super Bowl

Posted: February 6, 2012

So our beloved Patriots did not win the Super Bowl this year, as we all thought they should.  The exciting thing about a sporting event is that regardless of how much information you have, research you do, thinking you put into it—the outcome is very much uncertain.

Somewhat true with life, of course—but in making decisions about how to spend one’s senior years, it turns out there’s a lot more predictability.  Living in a setting where you have both privacy (your own apartment) and community (such as in a JCHE building) extends life and deeply enhances the quality.  In a JCHE setting, increased frailty does not inhibit your ability to engage in face-to-face conversations or pursue new endeavors (art, music, book clubs, mah jong, etc.).

The Patriots should have won—if only because the team owners are such generous, loving people (I confess to not knowing them personally, but you can’t work in a Jewish organization in Boston and not be aware of their commitment to social justice).  But only one team can win the Super Bowl in any given year.  Fortunately, with 1200 apartments, many seniors can win by living at Ulin, Genesis, Leventhal, Golda, Coleman or Shillman House!

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