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Thanksgiving reminds me of JCHE

Posted: November 21, 2012

This week we have had Thanksgiving celebrations at our communities.  When asked to make the welcoming remarks, it occurred to me that Thanksgiving is the holiday which most matches with how I think of JCHE:

  • In the U.S., it is a universal holiday—no matter your religion, country of origin, cultural identity, region of the country in which you reside, political affiliation (or not), Thanksgiving is open to you.
  • It is ultimately a very personal holiday.  Every family chooses how to celebrate, and each person has a chance to think about what is most meaningful in their life. 

JCHE also strives to be universally welcoming and open to all while priding ourself on offering a broad array of programs and services in the context of a supportive community, but supporting each resident to choose individually how they want to participate (or not).

I heard from virtually all residents at the parties that they are thankful for the opportunities JCHE provides them and for the high quality work of the JCHE team.  I heard from almost all staff that worked the events that they are thankful for the relationships with residents and the meaningful nature of our work.

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