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Striving for Simplicity

Posted: April 25, 2013

This last week has been a whirlwind of inspiration, conversation and engagement as we hosted Dr. Hans Becker from the Netherlands.  We at JCHE will be working together over the coming months to explore how we can take our exemplary model and make it even better—looking to Humanitas’ success to pull out many ideas and practical tips.

But overwhelmingly what I took was the importance of simplicity of purpose.  While Humanitas is a big and diverse organization with thousands of apartments and millions in service dollars, at core Dr. Becker can describe it all as:

  • Goal=happiness
  • Principle=self-determination
  • Method=YES culture
  • Need=community
  • Funding=diverse

Of course there are nuances within each of these basic truths, but those are in some ways beside the point.  So, with the imperative of simplicity, I’ll leave it at that!

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