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Strategic planning at JCHE 2013

Posted: February 14, 2013

JCHE has long been known as a leader in providing respectful, dignified communities for the seniors in our community.  We have recently received high-level recognition for the high quality and effectiveness of our work.  With all our communities full for now, some experience with a new model at Shillman under our belt and an awareness that the population we want to serve is growing and changing, this is an ideal juncture to reflect on how we want to see ourselves positioned within the array of senior services and housing providers. 

The goal of the strategic plan is to develop a clarity about, and shared understanding of, how JCHE would like to be in the future.  The pieces will include a vision and mission statement as well as an action plan with specific strategies for implementation.  The strategic planning committee will be the guardian of the process—to be sure it’s inclusive (everyone on the board and staff should have a chance to have input), transparent (so it is clear to all stakeholders how we got from A to B) and truly broad-thinking (while maintaining a connection to the practical implications of decisions)—incorporating both the best of our collective experience and good data/information about the environment in which we operate.

We have a strong foundation—together we will choose a path that allows us to go from strength to strength.


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