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Standing at the Podium with Mayor Walsh

Posted: October 10, 2014

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I was honored to be chosen by Mayor Walsh to speak on behalf of the Housing Advisory Task Force at his press conference yesterday.  Together with about 400 housing professionals and activists, we heard the Mayor highlight his very impressive “Housing a Changing City: Boston 2030” plan.  Here are the highlights of my remarks:

  • The process was inclusive, thoughtful, creative and comprehensive.  The resulting report is exciting and sets a meaningful course for meet the City’s housing needs.
  • The City brought considerable talent and energy to the table and made sure we had up-to-date and rigorous data analyses to both define the challenges ahead and use as a springboard for creating solutions.
  • At the beginning of his term, the Mayor commissioned a demographic profile of Boston’s seniors which served as a foundation for the planning around senior housing.
  • Given the tremendous anticipated growth in the senior population, Mayor Walsh is wise to see the importance of investment in innovative senior housing that supports aging in community (living a full life of engagement and purpose). 
  • The plan anticipates significant resources to allow organizations like JCHE (as if there were any!) to grow and continue to provide the dynamic, supportive environments that allow seniors to flourish.
  • On behalf of all the affordable housing professionals with whom I had the privilege to work on the Housing Advisory Task Force, we pledge to work our hardest and most diligently to achieve the goals set forth in the plan.

 This Mayor gets it and believes in investing in our seniors.  The evidence:

  • In his inaugural address, he raised the insufficient supply of affordable senior housing as a priority issue.
  • He immediately commissioned the demographic profile mentioned above, so we can quantify the need.
  • His plan includes City resources to help fill the gap created when the Federal Government abandoned the Section 202 housing development program.
  • He pledges to use City-owned land for senior housing development.
  • His plan says the City will support Senior Housing Innovation Demonstration Projects to encourage partnerships between supportive housing and health care providers.  JCHE hopes to be the first to tackle this challenge and appreciates the opportunity provided by the Mayor.

We have a lot of work to do, but the commitment by the public and private sectors makes it possible.   

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