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Reflecting on Possibilities

Posted: May 7, 2013

Over the past few weeks, board and staff members at JCHE have had the pleasure of hearing folks from outside organizations talk about their own growth trajectories.  In one case, the organization grew from caring for one segment of the population (Holocaust survivors) to broadly serving the seniors of New York City with senior centers, internet technology and home care services.  In the other case, the organization tore down traditional nursing homes (declaring them “islands of misery”) and built apartments-for-life which support a very broad range of elders (from those needing no support at all to those requiring nursing home-level care).

Although the services themselves are interesting, what fascinated me most is the deliberate, carefully-crafted strategies to broaden the organization’s programs.  In the former case, it was a board-driven process where an annual “town meeting” looks at questions about where/how to grow and determines what level of risk is appropriate.  In the latter case, it was a charismatic leader who pushed the organization into unchartered territory.  Both are enormously successful.

The field of aging needs lots of imagination and envelope-pushing.  JCHE will be reflecting on the bold moves of these organizations and choosing a path that builds from our strengths and anticipates the population of the future.  Stay tuned!

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