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Recognizing the good work of Community Servings

Posted: May 26, 2011

At the request of one of our newest board members (Amy Gorin), I took a tour of Community Servings, an operation that produces and delivers meals to thousands of people who are too ill to do it themselves.  Begun in response to the AIDS epidemic of the 1980’s, the organization has grown to addressing needs of people with a whole range of medical issues.  The roots of the organization are in the Jewish community, so at JCHE we share that common foundation.

It was impressive to see the way they use volunteers, people on parole and recently released from prison and generally less skilled workers--providing real career growth opportunities as well as delivering a critical service.

What did they want from us?  Simply to spread the word, they said, and let the greater community know about what they do.  That makes sense and I’m happy to do so in this blog post and elsewhere.

I thought about it further. In reality, Community Servings is really seeking greater visibility in the hopes of attracting additional private philanthropy.  As the CEO of JCHE, I truly understand the importance of name recognition and widespread awareness. It would be easy, I suppose, to ignore this request.  I could view this solely as a zero sum game: donations here are at the expense of gifts there.

But that is short-sighted and contrary to our philosophy. JCHE thrives largely because of our community partnerships. Every non-profit is stronger when working alongside other strong and successful organizations.  We must all strive to be truly collaborative and mutually supportive. We applaud the vital work of Community Servings and are pleased to pass the word along!

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