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Reasons to Leave Florida and Move to Senior Housing in Boston

Posted: July 11, 2012

For about 2 months this spring, my friend Ellen’s parents (Roz and Morris) came up from Florida so that Morris could have surgery in a Boston hospital.  Since I adore both Ellen and her parents, I spent time with them. I spoke with them about moving to JCHE’s newest building – Shillman House – which still has a few market-rent apartments available. The timing was not right -- they weren’t ready to consider a move. I thought I’d share the follow-up note I sent to them, given the universal themes.

Dear Morris and Roz:

I am thrilled, on the one hand, that you are so happy to be back in Florida and in familiar haunts.  I know navigating the medical and post-operative care systems up in Boston was stressful and I can feel your relief.  And of course I am on-beyond-thrilled that your medical results were spectacular.

But I am also feeling disappointed that we can’t convince you to move up here for good.  I know it is hard to pull away from home turf—especially one with year-round warmth and lots of open space.  But let me try once more to entice you here:

First, while you were here, I saw how much your family loved your proximity.  The ability to stop in, have a short visit and go back to the baseball game or concert or whatever is perfect.  Casual, spontaneous get-togethers with family are invaluable.  I think distance, on the contrary, can force an unnatural character to visits.

Second, we were all reassured that while here, you were in a system where we know the players and we know they are good, committed and skilled.  The Boston area is blessed with senior services that are second to none—from supportive senior housing to assisted living and medical care—and everyone mobilized effectively to get you through this.  We would do that daily if you were here… and with joy. I think it would be comforting to Ruth and Ellen as well.

Third, in the Boston area you can maintain an independent lifestyle without driving.  You know my mother (a.k.a. grandma wonderful) takes The Ride everywhere, and it’s been reliable and effective. If you live at JCHE, our own van takes great trips to places you need to go—grocery stores, pharmacies, department stores—and places you want to go—theater, art museums, the beach!

Fourth, we have apartments available now, only because Shillman House is a new building.  Once these are filled, the waiting lists tend to be very long--for example, for the comparable unit at our Golda Meir House the wait is 4-5 years long.  I know you aren’t ready immediately, but it is possible to hold one of the Shillman units for a month or two if you could commit to the move.

My fifth reason is purely selfish! I would so enjoy getting to see you and being part of your lives!

I would love to continue this conversation—we made some progress while you were here but you left too soon for me to put on the full court press.  I could also connect you with many of the 1500 people who live with us and love it.  Can I send your some information about Shillman House?

Love, Amy

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