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Mayor Walsh Recognizes Seniors in Inaugural Address

Posted: January 6, 2014

I attended Mayor Walsh’s inauguration today and it was lovely in so many ways—it felt inclusive, celebratory and purposeful.  I was especially impressed with his focus on senior issues—right from the start of his administration, he’s talking about the importance of supporting our City’s older adults.

He promised to issue a comprehensive report, early in the year, on the state of Boston’s seniors.  JCHE could be helpful in compiling this information and we will surely volunteer to do so. 

Of course, a central message will be that if government can take care of the basics—making sure people have a roof over their heads, heat and hot water and enough money for food and medicine—the value added we can provide is enormous.  By layering culturally-competent and always-available staff onto the basics, and then adding in a heavy dose of community life—we can provide older adults with a quality of life they have earned. 

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