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Mark Shriver at AJAS Conference

Posted: March 13, 2013

Mark Shriver, son of the late Eunice and Sargeant Shriver, came to AJAS to talk about the book he wrote about his father—not about his myriad accomplishments which are well documented elsewhere, but about his goodness and his 10-years of suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.  He was honest about how hard it was at times for him as the son, and even how at moments he was just annoyed and even embarrassed at the disfunctions.

His message, though, was that his father’s inherent goodness shone through the haze and that the professionals who cared for him are admirable.  People who worked with elders, he said, are daily performing acts of hope and faith.

He suggested we re-frame how we describe what we do.  We do not simply do “care-giving” as we often say—rather we do “love-giving” and that our work is profoundly impactful and important

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