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Lovely Architecture for Senior Housing in Amsterdam

Posted: May 4, 2012

Today visited a center-city senior social housing complex.  Social housing is the Dutch term for our subsidized housing—although the financing mechanisms are very different, due to a substantially deeper and wider safety net in the Netherlands.

Nonetheless, the client base is similar. The complex I visited was smack in center city.  Despite squeezing it in between other buildings, they have managed to create an oasis-like atmosphere and highly attractive common areas.  This development is particularly known for the glassed-in balconies that adorn the apartments, adding street presence and extending the space for each resident.

There are two courtyards—one open to the public and one just for residents.  Thus, they get the best of both the peacefulness of the exclusive access with the vibrancy of public use of the other garden. 

They report no difficulty in filling the units—in fact, they have quite a waiting list.  They attribute this to:  (1) the units are physically attractive and in a desirable location; and (2) residents can easily purchase needed services, with the housing management staff helping to arrange it for them.

This is a for-profit operation, dedicated to the business of social housing.  They do not receive ongoing government funding—but the rents are sufficient to cover costs, since residents receive pensions and/or other forms of income enough to pay the needed rents (roughly $750/month). 

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Comment by Sasha | 05/04/2012

Nice insight! Is there a way to see larger photos or is there a link to this project? Would love to learn more about the Dutch social housing