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LeadingAge awarded significant MacArthur grant to research senior housing

Posted: March 29, 2012

For all of us who care about seniors, and who intuitively KNOW that providing supportive services in senior housing is the most effective way to allow seniors to flourish and at the same time is remarkably cost-effective, we will soon be able to prove it!  The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation just awarded nearly $700K to the LeadingAge Center for Applied Research to “assess whether affordable housing settings can serve as effective platforms for meeting the health and long-term care needs of low-income older residents while helping to reduce costs” according to the Center.  This will help the Center build the first national data set.

This is very exciting, because without this “proof” it is hard to capture a share of the savings that we know are inherent in supporting people in affordable housing.  We, in the field, believe that this is a rare area where doing best for the person aligns perfectly with cost-effectiveness.  Yet as a country, we continually minimize our investment in this type of housing.  Perhaps with hard data that shows the substantial savings of supporting seniors in independent housing rather than in more institutional settings, we can overcome this barrier.  Dr. Robyn Stone, the director of the LeadingAge Center, is well qualified to produce a rigorous study with credible results.  Stay tuned!

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