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Joe Kennedy III seeks advice from seniors at Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly

Posted: July 19, 2012

Joe Kennedy III visited Coleman House on Monday.  He said that his grandmother gave him excellent advice for running a campaign:  reach out and listen to seniors—they’ve been through it all, have excellent perspective and are generally willing to share their insights.  So he came to us!

He could not have been disappointed—our residents asked pointed questions that shed light on the key issues of importance to them:  some you would predict in a senior audience—health care, social security and Medicare—and some that you might not have anticipated—education, income distribution and fairness.  And the staff made sure he understood that the residents meeting with him had probably had to wait 4-5 years to get a unit in Coleman—and supportive senior affordable housing will get even more scarce as the inventory shrinks and the older adult population explodes.

We’ll need our next Congressman to continue in Barney Frank’s tradition of relentless advocacy for affordable housing, with an understanding of the inherent value in providing services and supports to seniors to allow folks to live out their full lives in a community like JCHE provides.


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