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Welcome from Amy Schectman

Posted: September 20, 2010


Welcome to the new JCHE blog, meant to open an ongoing dialogue on issues important to safe, affordable housing opportunities for seniors and their successful aging. This conversation is being launched today in the sincere hope that you will engage with us as JCHE begins its next phase of development.

My name is Amy Schectman, and I am the new President and CEO of JCHE.  I began leading this organization in August, following in the most able and charismatic footsteps of my friend and mentor Ellen Feingold. In accepting this position, I had no intention of replacing her—she’s a legend in the field—but rather on building on the excellent foundation she constructed.

My new position as President and CEO is truly my dream job, and one that I have been preparing for throughout my career.  I earned my bachelor’s degree in political science from Johns Hopkins and my Master’s in City Planning from M.I.T.  Since then, I’ve worked in the public sector, the private non-profit sector, and in academia.  Most recently, I was the Director of Public Housing and Rental Assistance for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

JCHE provides great housing defined not only by exquisitely maintained, appropriate physical facilities, but also by individually focused programs and services to facilitate aging – in - place. The JCHE management team’s highest priority is concepting, refining and executing a continuum of progressive, responsive services that allow residents to maintain their well-being and independence. I look forward to sharing our lessons learned, inspiring stories, and best practices with you through this online conversation.

I have found that the combination of asking ourselves constantly to be self-critical (as well as self-congratulatory, when appropriate) and opening ourselves to input from others is a recipe for excellence. It is my goal that this blog will be an important tool towards the continuous improvement of the JCHE facilities, culture, and communities.

I welcome your comments. Click here to send me an email.


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Comment by Jon Hite | 08/11/2011

Happy first anniversary at the job. We really miss you in the dreaded public sector.