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Independence Day Resident Speech

Posted: August 7, 2014

Every July, in honor of Independence Day, we have a celebration of all our residents who became U.S. citizens the previous year.  It is a very happy occasion—we honor their accomplishments which are significant—to come to a country as a senior, learn a new language, study the culture and history, and master the skills needed to pass the rigorous citizenship test—is indeed worth celebrating.  We also celebrate the freedoms we have as Americans—for those of us who are natives, it reminds us to appreciate what we often take for granted.

This year, as we were handing out the small gifts, one new citizen asked if she could speak on behalf of the others—and did so in English!  Here are her very moving remarks:


Dear Friends!

Please, let me speak some words.

I thank America and the representatives of administration of JCHE for wonderful attitude toward us – the new immigrants.

We don’t feel ourselves alone at our community. The conditions here are created for elderly people, who came to this great country.

The workers of JCHE help us in the social and medicine sphere to get adapted to the new country.

We have many activities in the building: exercise, yoga, art class, computer center and many other.

Volunteers help, particularly Sophia Raskina, who teaches English language and prepares us for the citizenship exams.  As you see, we became citizens of USA.

I love people here who helped me and my friends.

I thank them very much.


Svetlana Morozenkova

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