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Hosting an International Housing Study Tour

Posted: September 13, 2012

We were thrilled that the International Association of Housing and Ageing Services, in cooperation with LeadingAge, chose to have JCHE as the first stop on their “affordable housing with services” study tour.  Although they allocated 5½ hours to us and we decided to limit their visit to only our Brighton properties, we ran out of time before we could cover the depth of our program!

It was a very rewarding day for two key reasons:

  • It forced us to stop and consider all the things we do. It's a healthy process that we so rarely build into our regular schedules. When guests visit, it is a great opportunity to step back and see the complexity of what we do day after day. Our guests asked good questions and listened attentively -- giving us the opportunity to be reflective.
  • The feedback we received was energizing. It was so satisfying to see the organization through new eyes. We were delighted that the areas that were cited -- the impeccable maintenance of the buildings, the warmth of the relationship between the residents and the staff, the breadth of offerings for programs, the flexibility of the support systems and the kindness of the staff -- are the areas that we value most. 

 We hope to stay in touch with this very high level group of visitors—hailing from Australia, Sweden and all over the United States. 

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