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Heading out to the White House (again)

Posted: November 30, 2012

OK, I admit I am mostly writing this blog because I wanted to title it this way!  JCHE’s work is really being recognized.  After a fabulous opportunity to state our case for the efficacy of supportive senior housing just last month, I have been invited to attend a session there on Monday.  It’s billed as both a briefing and a discussion for senior service providers and advocates.  We will learn about the potential impact of the “fiscal cliff” on senior services.  I suspect my role this time will be mostly listening, but I will hope for a chance to push for more senior housing—last time we were able to demonstrate definitively that it simultaneously improves quality of life AND saves significant government dollars.  With the enormous pressures projected on Medicare and Medicaid, it’s a wise investment.

I will be listening to learn facts that can be useful to all of us “in the trenches” and will tweet live from D.C.  It’s such an honor for JCHE to be seen as a player here.

Before I go, come join me at our annual fundraising brunch at Bloomingdale’s women’s department (entrance: Route 9 at the Chestnut Hill Mall).  Here’s a fun twist: you can help us raise money but don’t have to pay to come!  The brunch is free, 9 a.m. Sunday (December 2) morning—and we’ll send you off for private shopping time with special discounts—and then Bloomingdale’s will donate 10% of the value of our friends’ purchases to JCHE.  I’ll happily listen to any pre-White House advice you want to give!

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