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Happy Tu Bishvat: a time to consider JCHE's "green" efforts!

Posted: January 28, 2013

This weekend we celebrated the holiday of Tu Bishvat—the “new year of the trees”.  In Israel, the day is celebrated as an ecological awareness day and people plant trees.  Here, we often honor the holiday by recognizing its agrarian roots and eat dried fruits and nuts.

At JCHE, both traditions resonate.  We have become increasingly active in reducing our carbon footprint and being green.  We recently installed co-generators in our Brighton campus and have already (less than one year later) seen significant reductions in our greenhouse gas emissions (and utility costs!).  Shillman House, our newest building, was built with geothermal heating, solar electricity generation and super-insulation and uses a small fraction of the energy/unit of our other buildings.

The appreciation for the bounty of the earth is also important to JCHE.  Most our of residents have experienced periods of shortages or lack of plenty—as such they are most grateful for the life JCHE allows them to now experience.  The affordability of rent means that even on a small budget, no one has to choose between heat and food.

And of course there’s the ever-present metaphor of the tree.  We build JCHE on the roots of our culture and the work of the earlier leaders—we nourish the organization with current effort and passion—and we hope everyone in the larger community will join us in helping us grow stronger and taller!


Happy Tu Bishvat.

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